Password Security Setup Principles

Passwords to Avoid
  • No password
  • Password same as account name
  • Password same as computer name
  • Date of birth, ID number, English name, Personal Information, Company and Department information
  • Simple combinations such as 1111, 1234, 123456, 2000, aaaa, abcdef, abc123
  • Password that is saved in the word file or paper
Passwords that should be avoid
  • Avoid using English words or phrases, such as iloveyou, supermanˇK, etc.
  • Avoid using number combinations only
  • Avoid numbers in sequence, such as nopqrs, 987654ˇK, etc.

Recommended Password Setup Principles
  • The longer the password, the better. It is recommended to have at lease 8 digits.
  • Passwords without obvious meaning
  • Passwords that users can easily remembered
  • Passwords that are not easily cracked should include at lease:
    • A lowercase English letter
    • A capital English letter
    • A number
    • At least 8 digits
    • Meaningless combination
Tips for Setting up Passwords
  • Use Chinese phonetic symbols as passwords. For example, the Chinese phonetic symbols for ˇ§passwordˇ¨ is 5j4up.
  • Use the first English letter of an idiom or lyric as password combination.
  • Use English and number in alternate order. For example, abcd+1234=a1b2c3d4.
  • If the password is an English word. Move the English alphabetic order to three digits forward. For example, with-tfqe.
  • Use the combined tips above to create your own password.